Monday, July 25, 2011


If you read the last post, you are probably aware that my city-loving ass decided to go country. :) If you know me, then you know that following in the footsteps of farmers is not expected. So, let me explain myself...

As some of you know, I have been working on a film that follows a tomato seed from its origins at a seed company, to being planted at Eco Farm (in Carrboro, NC), to its harvest, to being sold at the Carrboro Farmers Market. Filming has opened my eyes to the farmers right down the street. It has also re-connected me to nature, our planet, and our food in ways I never thought were possible. Every time I went to the farm to film, a calming feeling would come over me and I felt like I was home (I know, super duper cheesy...). During filming, I witnessed farmers growing delicious food AND giving back to the land, which is an exchange that does not always occur, especially in the industrial agriculture system (don't get me started on that problem). I became interested and passionate about sustainable agriculture and local food. Since, I am often monotone and am not the most excitable person in the world, it was a miracle that I found something that truly evokes emotion in me. So, I knew that I was meant to nurture the land, grow food and share the power of food with others.

So, I figured this out, but then I had to break the news to my (mostly) supportive parents and boyfriend. I got a few laughs and a few expletives, but I think they know I am serious now. :) If not, they aren't getting any of my fresh produce in the future.

Now, my career plan has changed a bit, but I am more excited than ever.

Thank God, because I was getting worried I would float around in life without any true passion.

Plus, if I am eating (mostly) raw, then what is better than fresh from the farm produce? It definitely will make my dishes taste EVEN better.

Side note, I was super lazy this week in the cooking department. This was what I did:

  • bought kale and collards
  • cut up purple, white, green, yellow, orange, and red bell peppers
  • cut up an orange (yes, orange) watermelon and added orange mint to it
  • cut up cabbage, carrots, and zucchini cores
  • sliced zucchini
  • cut up a big ass cucumber
  • bought a box of multicolor cherry tomatoes
  • bought shittake mushrooms (from Eco Farm, they are DELISH)
  • poached chicken
And, the above ingredients will be mixed together in as many ways possible to make lots of salads, and crunchy dishes. :) Lazy, yes. Raw, mostly. Yummy, definitely! 

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