Tuesday, August 9, 2011


This isn't the normal post full of recipes, but I hope you enjoy it anyway.

I was doing some schoolwork and turned around to these little fuzzies:
So cute! Unfortunately, this picture shows the fact that Lilly is a bit pudgy and Cliff is emaciated (or emancipated, as I wrongly state). We took Cliff to the vet last Saturday and the dum-dum weighed in at 8.3 lbs, which means he has lost 2 lbs!! That is 20% of his body weight. Seems to me the sure-fire way to lose weight is the Cliff-diet, jam packed with finicky eating, meows and moans. Anyway, after the vet, we went to the pet store and got this crazy nutri-cat tube of fatty, molasses-like syrup to put on top of his food. Thank god he loves it, but he is still looking a bit gaunt. But, I am confident that with the calorie dense syrup and some loving from lilly he will turn into a fattie. :)

I went on a cooking spree on Sunday, so I will post recipes soon. :)

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